Why Hire a Coach

  • You want to overcome fears and procrastination
  • You want to raise awareness of your belief system
  • You’re short-tempered and feel like you can never relax
  • You desire more tools to effectively address negative self-talk
  • You have health issues that a doctor has prescribed medicine for
  • You can feel that your body is stressed and your mind is scattered
  • You desire more passion and abundance in your life
  • You feel like life is passing you by

What Our Clients Say

I had a terrific experience with the October Masterclass! It was great to have detailed simple assignments that got me thinking about where I wanted to be. Valerie and Becky have straightforward techniques to help lay a foundation, but tailor the details to where an individual is and where they want to go. They don’t make you fit their mold, they adapt the mold to fit your needs. So much value and help from one inexpensive month-long coaching event!
Christine W., Masterclass Participant
I certainly have never met you ladies in person, but I already know that I have the utmost love, respect & admiration for you both!! I absolutely can’t wait for what the future holds!!!
Cris H., Masterclass Participant
You both are amazing and I feel so lucky and grateful to be a part of this group and under the trusting guidance of your coaching. You’re so genuine and real and so giving of your own life experiences. Your responses are so thoughtful and so helpful… thanks for making me cry again, haha the good kind at least!!!
Trishia B., Masterclass Participant
I seriously feel like a 500 pound weight has been lifted! I never even thought about any of this before! I am going to embrace where I’m at and trust that everything is perfect for where I need to be right now. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Holy $h!t, I’m smiling so big right now.  Thank You!!!
Renae C., Masterclass Participant
Do you know what I love and hate about the work this month?  How real it is!  Just when I think I took on one more thing to do, you get me thinking and feeling and just realizing what and how things are.  And – boom! – that is why we are all here!I am now processing and thinking.  And sometimes those realizations are hard to accept.  Something I say a lot: Change is always good.  It is the transition that is hard. Thanks for all you are doing!!!
Sharese I., Masterclass Participant