Get Good - 3 Steps to Reduce Feelings of Overwhelm

With the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us live, it’s no wonder that many people tend to experience feelings of overwhelm from time to time.

Below is a 3-Step process that will help remind you that calm is always within; regardless of the chaos that seems to surround us.

Step 1: Whenever you start to feel a sense of overwhelm, move your attention to a peripheral body part (feet, elbow, knees).

Step 2:  Allow yourself to deeply feel that body part; and notice that the overwhelm emotions you’re feeling don’t exist there – it’s a calm space.

Step 3:  Move your attention back and forth between the head/torso (where the overwhelm tends to manifest) and the calm space.  Eventually the overwhelm will dissipate.


Sometimes our best strategy for dealing with overwhelm is to simply be aware of how unraveled we’ve become — by taking a moment to reflect on the actions and thoughts that got us there.

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