4 Essential Steps for Happiness

Happiness is the foundation of well-being.  Happy people even tend to be healthier than those who are chronically unhappy.  Going further — when we’re happy, it almost always seems that good things happen to us, right!  Who wouldn’t want that!

But for many of us, we’ve gone through patches in our life where happiness seemed to be quite elusive.  It’s tough when you go day in and day out knowing that you’re not living inspired, living with energy, living with passion, or more so — not living happy.

Although some think that happiness can appear to be just out of their grasp, I am firm in my stance that happiness is always available to us — as it comes from within.  Now, I will admit that we may need the right stimulus to bring it to the forefront — but it’s still within; just a bit deeper than we’re often willing to search.

It’s not uncommon for clients to ask for tips or suggestions regarding how to bring out happiness during even the toughest of those dark patches, so we compiled a list of 4 Essential Steps for Happiness:

1. Smile or laugh more

Yep, uncovering happiness doesn’t have to be super difficult.  Don’t overthink it.  We can actually trick our mind into thinking that we’re happy, simply by smiling or “fake” laughing. Crazy, isn’t it… but worth a try.

2. Take time each day to relax your mind

This is one of the most under-utilized tips for not only happiness, but for weight loss and professional success as well.  Many people think they are too busy to slow down, however by taking even just 5 minutes to calm your mind and be still; you create a greater sense of focus, clarity, intuition, creativity and happiness.

3. Reduce destructive self-talk; focusing on positive self-talk instead

How often do you take a moment to listen to the constant “chatter” running through your mind?  It’s constant, all day long.  One of the best things you can do to improve happiness is to become aware of that minute by minute internal discussion, and then to shift any destructive thoughts to more positive ones instead.  This is one of those tips that is definitely easier said than done; and will take some time.  However the more focused you are on building awareness surrounding your internal dialogue, the more efficient you’ll become at choosing to focus on positive vs destructive thoughts.

4. Focus your attention on your freedoms vs. your limitations

What you focus on, grows.  This isn’t just about happiness, it’s about anything in life.  Where we put our focus and attention, is typically what starts expanding in our life.  That being said, choose to focus on all that is well and good — all your freedoms, vs anything limiting you or your progress.  This doesn’t give you a pass to overlook any hurdles in your way to being happy; it simply means to choose to focus on what will propel you to the next level versus choosing to marinate in a yucky feeling that will most likely keep you stuck.

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