Five Avoidable Mistakes Stressed Women Make

Oh ladies, I get you…  Why is it that we feel like we need to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders?  If this doesn’t sound like you; I give you a pat on the back for being able to release that burden that many of us carry.

Some of you may not feel like the stress in your life is quite so bad… yet.  You aren’t on the verge of a heart attack or a nervous breakdown… yet.

But guess what will happen if you don’t begin to manage your stress right now.  I can guarantee your health and happiness will both be impacted.

One of the first things I’ve noticed is that a person must build their level of self-awareness to truly understand and improve upon any situation in their life.  That being said, I thought it’d be important to dive into my list of the 5 Avoidable Mistakes that most Stressed Women Make:

1. Are you aware that you are your own worst critic?

That’s right; you are.  You beat yourself up over the smallest of setbacks.  You know your weaknesses better than anyone and you often continue to allow those weaknesses to come to the forefront.  Instead of tackling the weakness by taking action, you sit there and marinate in the yucky feeling that it brings.

So how do you move past your inner critic? By taking time to reflect upon your signature strengths and understanding that we are all a “work in progress” — we give ourselves that little bit of grace to be imperfectly perfect.

2. Are you aware that you tend to take life at a fast pace?

Girl, S-L-O-W it down! You may wear a lot of “hats” but that doesn’t mean you have to take on the day so darn quick.  Allow a bit of stillness into your day.  Practice doing 5 minutes of deep breathing before you get out of your car prior to heading into the office.  Read 20 pages of your favorite book each night.  Sit in a quiet spot (maybe your car, again) and just be.  By slowing down, we actually create a lot more clarity and focus to go about our day.

3. Are you aware of your need for perfectionism?

This may or may not sound like you, however there’s a desire to be “perfect” in all of us.  Whether it’s eluding to the fact that we have a “perfect” family, a “perfect” job, or a “perfect” body… I hear the word perfect a lot.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but not much in the world is perfect.

To go even further — your idea of perfect is different than most everyone else’s idea of perfect.  What we should focus on instead, is knowing that exactly how we are — at this very point in time — is exactly where we need to be.  It’s a result of our thoughts and actions that’s gotten us here.  If we are striving for something different, we need to take different action AND have supportive thoughts that go along with that action.

4. Are you aware that you have a difficult time dealing with failure?

There’s been a lot of talk about a “Growth Mindset” lately.  If you don’t know what that means, it simply means (in very simple terms) to learn from your mistakes (among other things).  A failure is only a failure if we DON’T learn from it.  Wise up by deciding to learn vs marinate in failure over and over.

5. Are you aware that you choose avoidance as a way of dealing with difficult situations? 

You may not like conflict, but I can guarantee it’s a much easier way out than dealing with stress and the complications from that.  One of the most enlightening things I’ve ever read, was a comment that stated “WE RESIST EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED”.  How powerful is that!  The more I thought about it, the more I realized through my day to day interactions that I did in fact resist a lot of the things I needed in order to move forward and grow personally and professionally.  Darn it, right!

Start noticing situations in your life where you put up a wall, get irritated, or become resistant to change — then ask yourself if the situation would be remedied if you actually decided to move forward and create different thoughts and actions about the issue.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly things shift.

As pervasive as stress may be in all its forms, stress management really does start with self-awareness.  If you need more help managing stress or improving your level of self-awareness; send the Get Good coaches an email via our Contact page or sign up to attend our virtual “Uncovering You” MASTERCLASS.