5 Tips to Reduce Work Stress

Let’s be honest, many of us deal with stress associated with our career.

I learned early on in my oil industry days to take a hard look at how I approached my career and the stress associated with it.  Whether it was the stress of weekly travel, corporate presentations, or obtaining gross margin goals — stress came from anyone and everything (it seemed).

If we allow stress to grow more and more each day, the results can be catastrophic — resulting in a health crisis, an injury, a loss in productivity, or even a demotion or firing.

Stress impacts a lot of our daily duties; everything from focus, clarity, intuition and creativity — all the way to employee morale.

Often, the only shift that is needed to take your career from stressful to stress free is to shift your paradigm (viewpoint) regarding work.

Below are my top 5 Tips to shift your perspective of work and the stress associated with it:

TIP #1: Change the way you DEFINE work.

TIP #2: Change the way you CREATE work.

TIP #3: Change the way you LET GO of work.

TIP #4: Change the way you THINK about work.

TIP#5: Change your RELATIONSHIP with work.

Consider writing down how your current reality is for each of these items, and then make another list of how you could change that reality if you chose to.

Comment below with which tip resonated the most with you.

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