Top 10 Life Experiences we fail to notice

Living in the moment is something many of us need to work on.

With awareness and mindfulness comes happiness, peace, serenity, and a stillness that is often indescribable.

I compiled a list of many of the things that I used to overlook each day.  Things that didn’t inspire me the least bit.  Heck, I didn’t even take a moment to be present to even understand they were unfolding right in front of me.

Many people want to be inspired.  By being still, we start to see the magical world around us.  Sometimes it’s staring right in our face, other times it takes us being truly present to appreciate the experience.

Take time today to be present.  DO NOT LET LIFE PASS YOU BY.

I’d love to know, what’s one thing you are working on being more present for?

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