Valerie Echter

Co-Founder & Certified Coach

Valerie specializes in mindset strategy and analysis as a means of personal and professional success. She is a stress & anxiety expert, having worked through her own issues with severe social anxiety while at the height of her career in the oil industry.

Valerie takers her 12-year tenure as a nationally-known sales and marketing expert, along with her training in Holistic Health, to educate business owners on the fundamentals of strategically implementing Emotional and Mental Well-being programs and services into their Safety or Wellness programs.

A passionate advocate for employee growth and development, Valerie supports organizations in reaching business goals directly via coaching, mentoring and exclusive facilitated workshops focusing on employee productivity, increased employee morale, improved employee mental clarity and focus.



Becky Echter

Co-Founder & Certified Coach

Becky’s passion for Health & Wellness began in 2004.  She has continued to integrate her knowledge of the body & mind into educating her clients on the importance of Physical, Emotional & Mental Well-Being.

She works with National Educational Organizations, Professional Sports Teams, Healthcare Facilities, Businesses and Individuals so they can achieve their Health & Wellness goals. She works closely with them to improve morale, productivity, employee retention, over-all lifestyle improvements, stress and mental health.  Becky is a strong advocate of Family Wellness & Relationships.


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