Is your MINDSET limiting you?

Years ago, I started reading more about a fixed vs. growth mindset.  I was intrigued by the concept and needed to know more.

After years of self-study, I’ve come to find that our mindset can be one of the most influential pieces of the “puzzle” as it relates to personal and professional success.

Mindset is defined by Google as:

“A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

It’s no wonder that our mindset can impact so much of our being.

If you’re wondering whether or not you embody the Fixed Mindset Persona, consider these potential triggers:

  • You respond to challenges, obstacles, or failure with anger
  • You look to history — as to how you will be judged or remembered
  • You don’t easily change course
  • You believe someone either “has it” or they don’t
  • You believe people are born with certain talents
  • You believe in right or wrong — no grey area
  • You believe people are either a villain or a hero

If these triggers seem all too familiar, you may exhibit some fixed mindset tendencies.  Don’t hide in fear or get upset… Instead, get to know this newfound persona.

Review the 5 questions on the Fixed Mindset Persona worksheet to become more aware of how to shift fixed mindset tendencies to more growth-inspired strategies!