3 Steps to Reduce Feelings of Overwhelm

With the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us live, it's no wonder that many people tend to experience feelings of overwhelm from time to time. Below is a 3-Step process that will help remind you that calm is always within; regardless of the chaos that seems to surround us. Step 1: Whenever you start to feel a sense of overwhelm, move your attention to a peripheral body part (feet, elbow, knees). Step 2:  Allow yourself to deeply feel that body part; and notice that the overwhelm emotions you're feeling don't exist there - it's a calm [...]

3 Steps to Reduce Feelings of Overwhelm2018-04-14T18:02:01+00:00

Dehydration and Fatigue — A recipe for disaster!

I’m a huge sports lover – particularly football!  I love the athleticism of the sport, the passion you see in the player’s eyes after they make a great play, and the shear talent that’s displayed while making an incredible behind-the-back 60-yard up-side-down catch (ok, that may not have happened), but you know what I mean. [...]

Dehydration and Fatigue — A recipe for disaster!2018-04-12T20:36:10+00:00
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