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4 Essential Steps for Happiness

Happiness is the foundation of well-being.  Happy people even tend to be healthier than those who are chronically unhappy.  Going further -- when we're happy, it almost always seems that good things happen to us, right!  Who wouldn't want that! But for many of us, we've gone through patches in our life where happiness seemed [...]

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Top 10 Life Experiences We Often Overlook

Living in the moment is something many of us need to work on. With awareness and mindfulness comes happiness, peace, serenity, and a stillness that is often indescribable. I compiled a list of many of the things that I used to overlook each day.  Things that didn't inspire me the least bit.  Heck, I didn't [...]

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3 Steps to Reduce Feelings of Overwhelm

With the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us live, it's no wonder that many people tend to experience feelings of overwhelm from time to time. Below is a 3-Step process that will help remind you that calm is always within; regardless of the chaos that seems to surround us. Step 1: Whenever you start to feel a sense of overwhelm, move your attention to a peripheral body part (feet, elbow, knees). Step 2:  Allow yourself to deeply feel that body part; and notice that the overwhelm emotions you're feeling don't exist there - it's a calm [...]

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Improving Relationships – Take Our Growth Mindset Quiz!

Developing a growth mindset can be incredibly empowering, yet very telling of personal and professional deficiencies (which is a good thing). If you're looking to improve your level of self-awareness, understand more about the concept of a growth mindset, be willing to shift your perspective or your filter on life, and be inspired and empowered [...]

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