From a very young age, most of us had already been taught to follow an established set of rules.

Whether that be to “clean your plate” or use your “indoor voice” in the house, we learned from the time we were toddlers that certain rules needed to be followed; or there’d be unfavorable consequences.

As we grow into adulthood, however, we often forget to rewrite the rules.

We continue to follow the mindset, patterns, habits, routines and teachings of our elders.

Their rules have become ours — however those rules may limit us from obtaining our unique set of personal or professional goals.

Our inherited rules may hinder our progress, they may add a layer of reluctance, they may darken our filter of what or how success is obtained.

I’d be curious to know — what rules do you have that you feel may no longer be serving you or your business?


Valerie Echter is a Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, who specializes in stress reduction and emotional wellbeing.  She is a stress and anxiety expert, having worked through her own issues with severe social anxiety while at the height of her career in the oil industry. 

Valerie takes her 12-year tenure as a nationally-known sales and marketing expert, and has leveraged her business know-how to educate business owners on the fundamentals of strategically implementing Emotional Wellbeing programs and services into the organization’s Safety or Wellness programs.  A passionate advocate for employee development, Valerie supports organizations in reaching business goals directly via coaching, mentoring, and exclusive facilitated workshops focusing on employee productivity, increased employee morale, improved employee mental clarity and focus.

When she’s not working with clients, Valerie can be found on the golf course, reading, playing with her young daughter and cocker spaniel puppy, or enjoying spending time with her husband and extended family.

Want to connect directly with Valerie? Email to learn more about effective business strategies that focus on improved employee mindset for professional success.