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Across the U.S., companies are beginning to take notice of the startling connections between employee engagement and fiscal responsibility.  Hiring a consultant to be a part of your team can not only boost morale, but also make significant, measurable differences in employee costs associated with safety and healthcare.  Studies have shown that having the right consultant in place to assess employee needs (personal or professional in nature) has a substantial affect on the organization’s bottom line.

Get Good is a strong advocate for employee development and well-being.  Our desire is to work with your organization in a capacity that makes us feel as though we’re part of the “team”.  We’re currently working with organizations all across the U.S. and expanding internationally very soon.  We have numerous monthly retainer options available to meet your budget needs; which gives your employees access to elite coaches who can speak to a variety life’s challenges.  Real examples of employee coaching scenarios:

  • Navigating relationships at work and at home

  • How to move forward after Divorce

  • Overcoming the fear of Retirement

  • Weight loss and health scares

  • How to speak more clearly and confidently

  • Venting — they want to get things off their chest (discussions which are traditionally not suitable for the workplace)

  • How to inspire and influence others

Adding a consultant and coach to your team gives your employees an additional layer of support; where they can speak openly and freely without the worry of being reprimanded or judged.

Our hourly coaching options (for employee groups) are accessible to a wide range of people and locations.  Coaching is done in person or virtually online.

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“The smartest companies know that they save money (and retain good people) if they provide strategic education and expert support for their employees. ”

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