“Stress Persona” 

Uncovering your Stress Persona is a 4-Week MASTERCLASS focused on building awareness and understanding of how you are getting in your own way, as it relates to managing stress and growing as a person.

The class takes a thought-provoking approach to address common life issues — allowing you to uncover and become aware of how your mindset impacts every area of your life. By addressing life transitions and implementing stress awareness strategies at home (and work) you will learn to orchestrate immediate and long-term positive shifts in your own behavior; propelling you to uncharted levels of life satisfaction.


This is a virtual masterclass — meaning you take part from the comfort of your home or office.  Participants interact in a group forum (space is limited), and submit weekly “assignments” to the coaches via email.

All participants are busy professionals, so we understand that some days you simply may not be able to be as active as others as it relates to networking with coaches and other masterclass participants .

All assignments are thought-provoking in nature and can take anywhere from 1 min – 20 mins to complete. The amount of effort is up to you. Realize that the more effort you put in, the more transformation you will see.


Week 1 – Self-Reflection (Your unique value system and satisfaction with life)

Week 1 – Self-Awareness (Understand your belief system and learn how to address negative self-talk)

Week 2 – Fixed Mindset Persona (Develop an understanding of your Fixed Mindset Persona and how to work with it)

Week 2 – Growth Mindset (Cultivate it by uncovering a deep sense of self-respect & utilize tools to define your value and self-worth)

Week 3 – Life Transitions (Identify and manage them)

Week 3 – Build your Stress Profile

Week 4 – Develop your unique Stress Management System

When we don’t take time for ourselves, it negatively impacts our career, our relationships, and our well-being. When that happens, it reduces our confidence and generates feelings of overwhelm. It can be a vicious cycle.

We have a gift for seeing the power and potential in others, so it’s highly rewarding to facilitate learning that helps inspire and encourage participants to get the clarity they need to truly be happy with where they are, and where they’re going on this wonderful life journey.

DURATION: November 4 – November 29

COST: $297/person

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